Non-Religious Lifestyle

My Experience in the Community and Lifestyle

You can call me Jez. I began at 13… I’m almost 23 now. I was thrown unexpectedly into this world by a young Dominant that had just about enough of my mouth. It began with a spanking that has sparked sooo much more within my soul. I started as a submissive, because it’s what I was told that I was. I spent three years training under him. I am now much more now though. I identify as a switch not because I’m confused or don’t know what I am to be, but because I enjoy playing both sides. I enjoy submitting to someone and giving up all control. Then, on the flip side I love holding someones life in my hands.

My Age and Experience

I started at 13… I’m almost 23 now. Will be 23 as of January 19th 2012. I have spent nearly a decade studying and living this lifestyle. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I don’t consider myself a novice either. My knowledge of this lifestyle grows and changes daily, and I hope that never changes. It’s something that I have come to love and try to learn everything that I can about. Though, I will always admit there are others that know a lot more then I do, or probably ever will.

I will not stand aside and allow someone to brush me aside and tell me that I could not possibly know what I am talking about simply because I’m only 22. I don’t know everything, but when I do know something I will talk about. If I feel something is dangerous I will stand up and say so. I may be submissive, but that doesn’t mean you can walk on me. I will stand up for my beliefs and lifestyle.


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