My religion

I was born and raised a Christian which is what I sill am in part. Though, in my journey to find myself and my own path I have become much more then a simple Christian. For years I did not know what exactly my religion is or was. I still don’t have a name for my religion. Maybe I’m just an eclectic Christian or a Pagan with Christian tenancies… All I know is that I am not just a Christian. I see this everytime I walk into a church or talk to my family. Every Christian that I know is not Christlike as all. Ranging from extremely judgemental to beyond close minded. This just isn’t me… I am a very solitary person, open minded, non-judgemental, and extremely loving. Most Christian’s I know I can’t even conceive of consider them loving. I’m not very interested in Dogma or church politics at all though.

People find it strange that I’m into everything I am and still have the “gall “to call myself a Christian well I have something to say to that. There is a motto, “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good.” I agree, because there is a danger in spirituality that isolates. Next, Jesus said that believers may not be “of this world” but, they are certainly “in it.” Jesus, as spiritual as he was, did not separate himself from the secular world. Despite his Orthodox Jewishness (spirituality) he hung with non-Jews, with the dreaded Samaritans, with whores, with sell-out Jewish tax collectors, with radical zealot terrorists, with the diseased, impoverished and the very wealthy. He told stories to the masses that revolutionized the material and secular universe on hill tops (the mass media of the day). It is a known fact that Jesus’ worst enemies were the self righteous G-rated do-gooders of his time. He spent little time with them. So why should I do anything different then himself? I know I am outspoken but it’s who I am. I also don’t claim to be the best Christian in the world but I try to follow what God has planned for me.

“”I believe in Jesus”” -Bettie Page

Either way the wheel of the year is beginning soon at Samhain, and I have decided that the day before Samhain I plan to dedicate myself for a year and a day to finding my true path. To learn what my Lord and Lady have to teach me. I have decided that this will double as my book of reflections, and I have begun to work on my books of shadows or grimoire as some may call it. I piece of birch has found it’s way into my heart and I plan on taking however long it require to whittle and mold it into my wand.

What I believe

I believe in God, Jesus, & the Devil, but for me God is neither male nor female. I believe that Jesus & The mother Mary + Mary Magdalene are my Lord and Ladies.

“Have no other gods before me.”

Saying no other implies that God himself is recognizing their are other gods. He doesn’t even say not can not have other gods just that he should come first.

Magick to me is a gift from God and should not be mistreated, and is protected under the three fold law.


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