My parents told me when I started school that I would have until August/September to finish school, get my license, start working, get a car, and then get my own place. Okay that is tight but feasible…. Today… Mom decides to tell me that they have decided that they are probably going to move in June/July…. I do not even finish school until the end of May…. I plan on taking my test in April/May and long as I pass it then it should take 1-2 months for me to receive it. So if I take my test at the end of April I might have my test back when I finish school at the end of May.

My anxiety is now shooting through the roof at the thought that I have put all of this work into going to school to get my license to be able to better myself and become stable… and that before I can even do that I am going to have it all ripped away from me. They have never cared about me going back to school. They do not support that decision at all. They think massage is a waste of time, and that I will never make any money doing it. Like the poor artist…

It’s because of them that I have 15 weeks left instead of 8… I am so upset and mad right now I just want to curl up and fucking cry. Why is it that when I try so hard to push myself in a good direction that everything around me wants to pull me back to hell?


~ by Snow on February 23, 2014.

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