A Butterfly Among Angels

Am I a moth among angels?
Dazzled by their perfection
Destroyed by their beauty
Hated among their leagues
Imprisoned by their flight.
They neither leave me
Nor mock me
Yet they themselves crush me
With the unyielding weight
Of the knowledge
That my wings will never take me
To their heaven.
I’d envy them did I not know
My jealousy would only make them more beautiful
Within my green eyes.
I flap my grey wings
Fighting the winds
A single flap of their wings create
And wonder ‘Why?
Why have I been cursed
To reach for God alongside his angels
And know only I
Among this legion, will never reach.
Another stroke of their angelic wings
A gust rips past
My weak wings are easily clipped
My fighting finally ends,
And as I fall to Hell
I can only hope to be reborn,
Not as an angel
For that is too much to hope for ,
But, maybe… simply
A butterfly.


~ by Snow on February 10, 2014.

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