Rainbow bridge

Today, I woke up in a horrible miserably sad mood that carried with me through out the day. Even though I did have some amazing things happen today I really just couldn’t shake the feeling. When I got home I went to go outside to find that our older dog has diarrhea all over the back sun porch, and she was panting really bad. I thought that she may be hot so I took her and Cinder outside before I went to run to the dollar store. Sadly by the time I got back home she was already gone.

So I was the last person to touch her before she passed away…

She was very old, and I had been trying to convince my parents for some time now to let the vets office put her to sleep. My parents don’t really believe in that though… they feel that our pets should pass away at their own time. Though, for me I feel that she was in pain, and that’s the part that really bothers me.


~ by Snow on December 10, 2013.

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