22 Facts about me that you may or may not know

Ok, so here’s the rules: everyone who loves this gets a number between 1-50. They then have to post that number of things about themselves. I was given the number 22, so here it goes:

  1. My name Jezerae is the combination of Jezebel my original scene name & Rae my real name.
  2. I am shortly going to be 25 years old.
  3. At 13 years old I was introduced into the lifestyle by a young Dominant.
  4. I have been an owner/leader of my local lifestyle community since I was 19 years old.
  5. I follow a Trinitarian religious path that mixes Christianity & Wicca together.
  6. I am a Capricorn that was born under an Aquarius moon.
  7. So where Earth & Water meet is the best place for me to meditate.
  8. I have three animals that are all females; a puppy named Cinder, a cat named Phoenix, & guinea pig named Pepper.
  9. I am a gamer girl, but I try to curve my habit.
  10. My only addictions are to mountain dew, my cell phone, and the internet….
  11. I lost twin girls seven years ago this January.
  12. I tend to be fairly cute & adorable.
  13. My Dominant side is a Panther
  14. My submissive side is a baby panther.
  15. I have an anxiety disorder that can effect me quite hard at times, and leads to massive depression spikes. When this happens I tend to shut down.
  16. I can not sing… but I LOVE to sing… *looks around*
  17. My bedroom is themed the Ocean at night.
  18. I hate being alone…
  19. I love mythical things like fairies, dragons, and etc.
  20. I am starting a year and a month resolution today.
  21. I am a pretty random person… though I am very much an open book so if you wish to know something just ask.
  22. My safeword is applesauce

~ by Snow on December 1, 2013.

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