Beautiful Quotation

It’s easy to feel uncared for when people aren’t able to communicate and connect with you in the way you need. And it’s so hard not to internalize that silence as a reflection on your worth. But the truth is that the way other people operate is not about you. Most people are so caught up in their own responsibilities, struggles, and anxiety that the thought of asking someone else how they’re doing doesn’t even cross their mind. They aren’t inherently bad or uncaring — they’re just busy and self-focused. And that’s okay. It’s not evidence of some fundamental failing on your part. It doesn’t make you unloveable or invisible. It just means that those people aren’t’t very good at looking beyond their own world. But the fact that you are — that despite the darkness you feel, you have the ability to share your love and light with others — is a strength. Your work isn’t to change who you are; it’s to find people who are able to give you the connection you need. Because despite what you feel, you are not too much. You are not too sensitive or too needy. You are thoughtful and empathetic. You are compassionate and kind. And with or without anyone’s acknowledgment or affection, you are enough.



~ by Snow on November 29, 2013.

3 Responses to “Beautiful Quotation”

  1. I know how it can feel to be all alone, to feel like people have just forgotten about you, and to a degree they do, they get wrapped up in all they have to do and they just forget. I know I have not always been there for you, its kinda hard with such distances. I do try though almost every day I check this blog, I do not always comment unless I feel a need to but every day I do check it. Maby you should consider being around some folks who want to put you first who take the time to see how you are and what is going on in your life. I know it can be hard to find folks who do this personally I have not really found friends here that do, but I have those who truly care and are here for me I just have to take the time to reach out. They can’t read minds but if I reach out to them and say hey I need some company, or I need help with something they have always been there given something else isn’t comming up. I am letting you know I am here for you and I do value you and I know hearing it from some one else does make a difference sometimes I care and love you and I am here for you.

  2. Sorry this wasn’t done correctly it was a quote, but for some reason the HTML didn’t show it in the quote box like it should’ve.

  3. It is a nice quote but still what I said remains true.

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