Strange Comfort

I have never really had a guy that wants to really take care of me before. Not like he does… He messages me constantly to check up on me. He is genuinely interested in my thoughts and feelings. He has been running himself ragged staying up long crazy hours in order to make sure that I am safe, and that he doesn’t leave me in a bad head space for too long.

I found out last night that more things are being spread about my personal life through out the community, and it threw me into a pretty bad space. He stayed with me as long as he could before we went to work. He talked to me while he was at work until I feel a sleep. Then, when he got off work he came straight here to make sure I was okay… after working 12 straight hours through the night.

This man… is seriously slipping into my heart.

I put him to sleep in my bed… which is strangely comforting. Part of me wishes I could go back there and curl up with him. Not to do anything carnal… but just to lay in his arms and truly sleep. I haven’t done that in so long.


~ by Snow on November 17, 2013.

One Response to “Strange Comfort”

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