Thor 2

Well as you know Carl asked me to go see Thor 2 with him as his date. I told Carmen she wasn’t very happy about it, and began to pout. She said that I promised to take her… which I didn’t but okay fine. I asked if she would like to go as well. She perked up, but then said she would just feel like a third wheel. So what if I paid for Jess to come as well? She got super happy, and I told her that if Jess decided that she didn’t want to go that she would have to give me the money back. So that we would be able to do something at a later date.

Long story short she messaged me later telling me that Jess did not want to see Carl. So I told her okay well just keep hold of the money, and that we would do something else. Carmen got all upset and told me that it wasn’t right that she got Jess all excited, and just because she doesn’t want to see Carl she can’t do something. Of course this beyond slightly annoyed me and I told her so, but she didn’t care.

I began to feel used and cheated. So Carl decided to call Jess and apparently got the story that Carmen did not inform her that this would be a double date at all, and that it was just suppose to be them. Okay now I am super pissed. Though, Carmen tells me that isn’t what happened, because apparently she was on the phone the whole time… okay I don’t want to even think she is lying to me… though she continues to question me and Carl about it… why? If she knew what was said?

Either way then the HS BS started and I just didn’t care anymore. I told her to go have fun. If she wanted to go spend her time with a bunch of children that was on her.

So Carl came to get me and we really had a wonderful time. We simply sat and cuddled together through the whole movie, and it was amazing. I haven’t felt so much acceptance from someone before. It was nice to simply relax and just be me.


~ by Snow on November 13, 2013.

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