So… somehow I actually managed to take that small kerfuckle and turn it in my favor. She messaged me back saying that it was okay and laughing at me… so I continued to apologize for upsetting her, because I KNEW that it upset her when she messaged me on four mediums and posted about it on two different social sites in less then 10 minutes.

So… I took a chance and let my Dominant side out, and pushed just a little… I apologized again for the confusion telling her that I should have just listed it as complicated with her so that it didn’t cause any confusion. Then, I said I will just go a head and do that so that it doesn’t cause any more while I am thinking about it.

So I changed it before she had a chance to say anything, and just continued on to tell her now that we have that all cleared up that if she you needed me to let me know, because I wanted to continue to give her the time that she needed. Telling her that for the most part I won’t be contacting her unless she contact me first.

It took her a minute but she responding saying that was fine, and that it really meant a lot to her. I told her that she meant a lot to me… So I asked her if I caused her to panic and smoke all her cigs, and she replied maybe. So I told her that I would bring her some either later tonight, or worst case tomorrow morning.

She really does mean the world to me, and I hope to show that to her.


~ by Snow on November 11, 2013.

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