I just finished my 3rd final, and I have one left. So far I have passed 2/3. I am waiting for my 3rd to be graded. I am sitting on the cuff of passing or failing. I have been super stressed for weeks, because of school and things involving my kajira. I have lost an extreme amount of weight in a small period of time. I have been having a hard time keeping down food, and haven’t had much of an appetite at all. “If” I pass this module it is suppose to get easier from here course load wise. Though, I am so worried about whether or not I have passed or failed that I am dizzy with nausea.

Its is not like I haven’t been giving it my best I have a b in 3/4 classes, but kinesiology my fourth has been wuite the challenge for me. I haven’t gotten more then 4-6 hours of sleep a night since I started school, because I have been either doing homework or studying. My kajira has been at the school with me most of last week and this week helping me study, and I greatly appreciate how much she has tried to help me.

Though, if I fail this test I feel like I not only let myself down I will have let her down.


~ by Snow on August 15, 2013.

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  1. Congrats hun

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