The rumors

I am used to rumors floating around about me, but I am getting fairly tired of it. A friend of mine needed my help in a situation to help him completely open his eyes and see someone for who they truly are. He asked me to stage “fake” a conversation with him on facebook to make it look like I was having an intimate relationship with him. This was because he was allowing this girl to use his phone during the time required for her to procure a new phone. The condition of this was that she not go through his things.

This is where I come in. She has never liked me and has constantly thought we had something more then a friendship between us. So he knew that she would fly off the handle if she saw an intimate conversation between us. [Keep in mind they are broken up, not dating, and have not been dating for months now.]

So as planned she hacked into his facebook account saw the messages and flew off the handle. I explained to her exactly what we were doing, and she does not believe me even though the conversation didn’t start till after she had the phone… go figure. Either way so today instead of her normal rumors about me sleeping with two different men.

She decided to go to the kajira I have in consideration who was already informed about the plan and try to poison our relationship. She then turned around and told my friend whom I was helping a load of bull shit that my kajira said. So at this point I am about done with it. She has been doing but a poison in the community and to my friend since she appeared. She can blame in on mental illnesses all that she wishes, but today she crossed a line.


~ by Snow on July 25, 2013.

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