Its started

When my stress and anxiety levels stay too high too long it begins effecting my sight. I can see but its like staring into a flash light for a while and then trying to see normally. There are bits of moving light like electricity in my vision on the sides, and after a while it will begin making my head hurt. Right now it is only happening in my left eye. I have told doctors before, but they just say that it is in my head.

This the main reason I left high school early. I talked to the counsilor and she was on my side for me to seek medical help, but when my parents got there they told her it was just me seeking attention and there was nothing wrong with me. I am still on my parents insurance so I can’t see a mental health Dr. 

I know once I calm and decompress my vision will clear, but the fact that this happens at all scares me. I am researched it to nothing….


~ by Snow on July 4, 2013.

One Response to “Its started”

  1. I don’t blame you for being afriad, and don’t let them tell you it is only in your head. I have had doctors tell me the same thing about my pain. Stress can take it’s toll in many ways. Do your best to destress and keep trying to find a way to manage it, if its through doctors, breathing exercises or any other number of things I hope it works out and you dont have to deal with this kind of issue anymore.

    P.S. I do miss spending time with you hun it has been way too long. Rift has gone Free to play, we are on grey briar if you want to join us we are not running a guild for now just playing with friends for the moment. We also have a Teamspeak 3 server up and running. Feel free to ask for the info. If there is anything I can do to help feel free to ask I am here for you.

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Never Forget To SMILE :).

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