I am seriously getting more and more tired of the community, and being in it. I have only been back since March, but I just feel burnt out. This is the second time I have stepped down from being the owner of the Charleston community… and part of me does not think that it is enough at times. I really don’t gain any joy in it anymore… unless I have someone I gain joy from there with me. The only things I really care to attend anymore is impact and a few munches here and there. Which I still hate to attend alone now a days.

I use to be respected… now I feel like I am just here for comical relief. No one respects me anymore and most do not even know who I am anymore. It takes everything I have to go to most events any how, because I actually do have social anxiety… and believe me I know how much of an oxymoron that is.

I am the kid that built an amazing swimming pool everyone wants to be in, but they don’t actually care about me…

So… I have no fucks left to give I will wait till the community falls part or implodes which it will eventually.  Then, I will put it back together again.


~ by Snow on June 21, 2013.

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