I haven’t really had a chance to get on and blog for a while.  So I am just going to do a bullet point update system to put everyone back up to speed with me.

  • I will be starting school in July not October I managed to get everything worked out.
  • I am now working from home, and enjoying it thoroughly.
  • Me and Nick are 100% broken up, and have no intention of getting back together.
  • I am 100% single and have been for around a month or so now; although in truth we broke up the day I left.
  • No plans of getting a “boyfriend” or looking for one until after I finish school.
  • I have a puppy named Cinder she is 20 weeks old this Friday and is roughly 22 lbs
  • I hope to be getting a car of my own around mid July or early September at the latest.
  • I am back on the blood thinners
  • I have also added an ADD/anxiety medicine recently that is showing good that I believe is showing positive results.

~ by Snow on May 29, 2013.

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