I feel like I’m making progress although I’m walking across hot coals to get there… The thing that is upsetting me the most right now is that he seems to feel like the reason we are not together is solely my fault. The fact that he had been discussing leaving me for some time before he sent me home seems to completely elude him. I hate that he tries to play with my memory, because he knows its bad he thinks he can constantly change around what he has said or done.


~ by Snow on April 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Feelings”

  1. Hun don’t let him place this all on you. He sent you away, said he didn’t want to spend his life with you, even if he will not admit it. Don’t let him make you feel like it is your fault he pushed you away in quite a litteral sence.

    • I am aware and we have since worked through things. I have posted an update to everything recently so as you can see we decided what was best for us.

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