Poly vs Mono


So I spent most of the night fighting with Nick, because he wants me to be in a relationship with him again… Though, in order to be in a relationship with him he wants to shut down our poly relationship and become monogamous, he wants me to release my protector, stop being a brat aka s.a.m, and stop flirting period. So that means for how ever long I am here I have to become 100% celibate, remove myself from the community, distance myself from my friends, and pretty much become a nun in order to really achieve this.

When he decided he wanted to be with me. He knew that I was poly and a very big flirt…. so that means he wants to actively change my entire personality. Which I’m sorry but I am not going to do. If we were actually engaged, I had an ENGAGEMENT RING, and he hadn’t sent me away then… I would; become monogamous for him, cut down on my flirting, try not to be quite so much of a brat, and completely submerge myself into him.

Though… before I left he told me that I was too clingy and that I was smothering him, and now it seems that he wants that back? So if you can’t tell I am quite confused.

He is also completely not caring about the fact that I want to remain single til I finish school.

Which is fine with as long as I am single and committed to him at all times?









~ by Snow on April 20, 2013.

One Response to “Poly vs Mono”

  1. Isn’t it a contradiction to be single and commited to him at all times? Being commited isn’t being single….

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