So… like I said changed career path suppose to be starting school in July need to find a job before then blah blah blah… Well parents were cool with me using Mom’s vehicle, but all of a sudden yesterday they decided that I needed to just shit one out of no where which is pretty much what I got told today.

So since I obviously didn’t have the money for a car I got on craigslist and looked at the mopeds. I picked a 2011 Kiat that was suppose to just have cosmetic work, but after taking pictures of what needs to be done and sending them to the moped medic he thinks that it might require a lot more work then that. He also said that he believes it might be unsafe to drive at all…

Well I test drove it before I bought it and it seemed fine… though obviously I don’t know what I’m looking for either. So I drove it again, and once again everything seemed fine. Though, apparently in getting it home I disconnected the horn…

So yay might have bought a piece of shit… though at least it’s my piece of shit lol.

Next, none of my chargers for my phone are now working. The dog ate one, the one I have been using apparently just fried?, and the other doesn’t have a good connection, and in other news I’m broke.

So I’m mentally exhausted beyond belief. Everything that yesterday night fix now needs to be refixed. I’m considering self spanking myself and seeing if it does anything to help.

Known Repairs:

  • Front Plastic Parts
  • Horn needs to be reconnected
  • Speed gauge doesn’t work probably also needs to be reconnected. 
  • Headlight needs new bulb
  • Back plate that says MOPED needs to be replaced
  • Seat ends to be screwed back down.

~ by Snow on April 17, 2013.

One Response to “Kiat”

  1. it really looks like it needs some help, i hope things turn around for you hun

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