Inner reflecting under the full moon.

I am currenly basking completely naked under the moon in my parents hot tub. Over the last week I have felt so lost and confused with my life. Although, right now in this moment I feel completely empowered and in control. 

I have decided to…

Remove my collar since it was his choice to release me, and its foolish to wear it if he doesn’t want that part of us anymore.

I changed my status on fetlife to reflect that as well.

I will though keep on my promise ring in hopes that one day he will keep his promise to me.

I plan to try to start a more in-depth conversation with him in the near future.

I took another break from school and hopefully my last.

I have decided to take a more active role in my life after my school break ends. I would like to find a part time job until I complete my associates degree in a few months.

As for my lifestyle I need to find some form of release before I crash again…

So I guess Im going to become a new person and see who is standing next to me when it s all said and done.


~ by Snow on March 27, 2013.

One Response to “Inner reflecting under the full moon.”

  1. I hope all goes well for you

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