Unwanted sexual attention

I was recently talking to a male friend and I had to explain to him why I have been so upset recently.

Since, coming back home I have had a lot of unwanted sexual attention from several men in the community vanilla and kinky in my journey to branch out and contact old friends and make new ones.

I don’t have any interest in dating anyone else right now let alone a man that just wants to get into my pants to begin with.

“If” I was seeking someone this is what I would look for….

A male or female submissive or switch.
Someone that isn’t just interested in sex
I need someone who is spiritually compatible with me.
Has to be okay with me being Poly even if they aren’t
I need someone who is not overtly jealous.
I need someone who is both sexually and sensually compatible with who I am.
I need someone who is faithful to me and will not betray me.
Enjoys a good time
I need someone who is spontaneous and romantic.
Can hold a good conversation
I need someone who will stand up for me.
A person that see’s who and what I am and love me for it or doesn’t judge me for it.
I need someone who makes me feel attractive.
Just because I have a submissive side does not mean that I can not be a Dominant.
Someone wanting to explore their submission as I explore my Dominance
I need someone who is patient and understanding.
I need someone who will be emotionally, socially, and financially independent of me and vice versa.
I need someone who includes me in important decisions and has the same goals and priorities as me.


~ by Snow on March 21, 2013.

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