A week and a day ago I got an 8 week old Shepard retriever puppy. So this point she is 9 weeks old, and is already well trained for her age.

For the last week I have been potty training her, crate training,  and then teaching her the commands with hand signs for; sit, stay, and lay down. 

Last night after she finished up going to the bathroom she went straight to sleep in her crate with no complaint for the first time around 11-12am. Normally she whines for roughly five minutes.

This morning she woke me up at six am after sleeping for 6-7 hours (normal 9 week onlys should be 4-5 hours). She whined a little and pawed at her door to be let out. When I opened it she walked out and looked right at her leash happily I walked her to the front where she sat  down contently till I disabled the alarm. Then, she walked out and went right to business vs running around.

After, she was done she went right to the door and sat without command and stayed until after I walked through the door like I have been training her without me having to give her the commands. Then went right to her crate and sat till I unclicked her and laided right back down and went to sleep.

Today, I will be taking her to puppy orientation for beginner training classes. Which I am very excited to start.


~ by Snow on March 16, 2013.

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