Okay… ready…

As you all know by now I flew out to Charleston Saturday night without Arokh my Master. I wasn’t willing to talk about why with anyone till after I got here. This isn’t because I wanted to avoid anyone. I simply needed more time to talk with him more. I also needed the time and space to really figure out what was going on and what I wanted.

So here is my story….

Ironically enough early Valentines day morning we got into a truly serious conversation about us and where we are going. Which as of right now isn’t very far sadly. We are suck in limbo until I finish school, and until the store that he is opening gets up and running. We told his parents that we would try to be stable within six months of moving there which would be till April, and even though we have the money to get an apartment we don’t make enough money to sustain us without help in April. So after realizing that we both felt that it wouldn’t be right to continue living off them for another six month to a year before we could actually move out. So… that puts us where we are now.

So that takes us to the point where he asked me if I would be willing to move home. In doing this it will allow him to concentrate on working on himself and making his business grow, and it will help me because I will be able to focus on school more then worrying about whether I should be trying to get a second job.  So I booked a flight and packed up my clothes leaving pretty much all of my personal things there.


I am going to take the time to find me again. I haven’t been without a man in my bed since shortly after I turned 18 years old. I am not used to this at all…. so I feel very lost right now. I also have been working for the last year-two years straight as I have also been a student which has caused me to struggle a lot. So for now I am going to concentrate on my school work. I do want to find a part time job, but I don’t want anything more then 8 hours a day 3 days a week at max.

As for my relationships… Arokh is my Master and Lith is still under my consideration to be my submissive. I don’t plan on leaving either of them. Though, while I am in Charleston I do plan to get back into my community and go to events. I do hope to play with some of my kinky family while I am here though… I don’t know if I will take any new partners while I am here.


~ by Snow on February 18, 2013.

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