The phone….and me

A long time ago in another place before I had a cell phone and a computer I simply loved to talk on the phone and I would spend hours upon hours talking on the phone. Though, somewhere something changed… now I simply despise talking on the phone. I would rather text you for 8 hours then talk on the phone for 10 minutes.

I think it is because I can hide that way… during a text, email, or instant message I only have to display the emotions that I choose to. On the phone though my voice hides nothing when I’m upset or mad, and I really do not like talking about my emotions with really anyone.

I know a lot of that has to do with my ex husband and how he treated me emotionally, and now I simply mentally can not handle it. So for those that call me and get upset because you get my voice mail 90% of the time this is the reason why in black and white. If it makes you feel better I’m not just avoiding you.


~ by Snow on January 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “The phone….and me”

  1. I think there was something cool about the old phones that just sat in one place but a comfy arm chair. You had to make time for it and that made it special. Maybe you can get one of those bluetooth handset thingys to bring it back…I think I’ll probably do something like that myself…one DIY post coming up.

  2. I can understand that, the thing is for some people texting has no connection being empty and void of the person behind it. It may be something to consider. There is nothing wrong with hiding but you cannot have a connection if you are decieving the person you are talking to. I do not say this as an attack or to make you hurt in any way just a thought. I suppose that is why I have diffulcuty now a days because no one really wants to actually connect with people around them anymore.
    Don’t feel isolated in the notion that you prefer text over voice, I have seen it happening more and more. It seems to be the prefered method of communicating which for me is a disappointment, but there is nothing that can be done.

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