Born today, you can be rather shy and reserved with those you do not know well. There are those who claim to know you quite well, and yet they are only deceiving themselves; there are those who claim that you are in many ways unknowable, and they are perhaps nearest the truth in their understanding of the deep mystery that is so much a part of your personality. To look at you, …one might mistake you for one who is simple and even rather shallow — but this is simply not the case. Your currents run deep, to be sure!
There may be times in which you seem to be rather indecisive, but in reality you simply insist on knowing as much as you can about both sides of an issue before making a decision one way or another. You insist on fair play, and you are a good judge of character.


~ by Snow on January 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. I am hoping i did not miss your birthday, I hate my memory and i am sorry if i have

  2. Well… this was posted on my birthday but I didn’t post it… lol I guess word press did it for me.

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