slightly pissed

As far as Texas Treasures is aware I’m working at Kohls. So today, when my boss from Texas Treasures tried to call me in for less then a four hour shift I simply apologized and told her that I was already scheduled to work at Kohls from 5-cl. Which I’m honestly not, but I have been working the craft show with Nick’s mother all weekend. I should also be starting my new job at 7 eleven either tomorrow or Thursday. Personally I don’t want to go in till 9:30 leave try to get to bed and wake up at 4am to be at work at 6 am.

Well as I said as far as she knows I’m working at Kohls tonight, and I get this, “do I need to replace you?” I really thought about ripping her a new one, but instead I said I’m sorry ma’am but you did suggest that I look for another part time job. So that is your decision… though now I’m really thinking about simply picking up my check this afternoon and leaving a note saying that I will no longer be working for Texas Treasures.  It’s like seriously she barely schedules me 15 hours a week, and gets pissy with me, because I am not available at the drop of a hat to come in for her? Sorry but I’m not a door mat, and no one gets to walk on me.


~ by Snow on November 5, 2012.

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