3 Day military diet

In the last month I have been working on ways to improve my health and lifestyle. Since then I have been losing 1-3 pounds a week putting me down to 212 from 220. I have started to enjoy exercise though have found that I usually end up hitting a wall there.  I tire out super easy and can’t walk more than a mile a day, and roughly 3-4 miles a week. I haven’t been doing any other exercise other than walking, and of course having sex 😛

So I found the 3 day military diet which from reading it I think that it will help me get down to my goal weight a little bit faster. I’m not worried about gaining the weight back, because as I lose more weight I plan to exercise more. So I don’t feel that it is a “crash” diet. I am just thinking of using it as a tool to help me lose weight a little bit quicker, and since as I lose the weight I will be doing more exercise I feel that it will help me keep it off.




~ by Snow on November 1, 2012.

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