I’m not blank enough

Since, being in Texas I have been to a Bible study, Wednesday night women’s group called Flavor and now the normal “Saturday & Sunday” service. I was actually hoping to go to the church today, but Nick’s mother was hurting really bad so we watched in on live stream on the computer. Which I found quite interesting. So if I miss any of the sermons I can simply just watch them when it’s convenient for me.

Though, the series that we are on right now is called I’m not blank enough.  Tonight the pastor talked about not being deep and mature enough as a church and as a spiritual christian. I found myself really getting into the message that he had to say. Though, obviously there were parts that I didn’t completely agree with.

Like not having sex before marriage. He made mention that if you aren’t married and that if you are having sex you are leading a sinful life, and that you won’t be able to grow as a Christian. I’m sad and wishful that I didn’t save myself for marriage. Though, I have already been married and divorced. I am not about to give up the intimacy that me and Nick have. I completely believe with my whole heart that me and Nick are married before God, and that I don’t need a ring or a piece of paper to prove that to me. I also don’t believe that I need to prove that to anyone else.


~ by Snow on October 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “I’m not blank enough”

  1. It is awesome that church is going good for you. As for the other things its your relationship with God, and with Nick, it is between you and God, and you and Nick, as for other people it doesn’t matter. I think it is wonderful that you are confidant in yourself and your relationship.

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