Since we decided to move to Texas I have been restless. I toss and turn and have nightmares all night. I know that its just my anxiety about moving somewhere new, but honestly its getting on my nerves. I’m at work right now with nothing to do trying not to fall a sleep… because I kept waking up every hour tossing and turning last night.

I’m worried about the culture shock more then anything. Yeah ill miss Nick, but him leaving isn’t bothering me. What is bothering me is the fear of the unknown. I pretty much no nothing about Texas. I’m not a city girl in the least I was born and raised a little southern country girl.

So yeah… I admit the thought of moving there is crazy scary to me. I’m worried that ill get lost, or hurt, and that no one will like me. I’m worried that the BDSM community out their will just look at me like a teenybopper instead of a mature woman that has grown in this lifestyle for the last 10 years.

I’m worried about the community that I will have to leave behind and the friends that I have just really started to connect with…

I am worried that my horrible driving will get me hurt or killed… or worse someone else. I don’t know how to drive on a ten lane interstate. Shit the back roads our as big as our interstate…

So yea just to reinagrade I’m worried… and I think I’m going to worry myself sick for the next 6 months since I wont be going there till April.


~ by Snow on September 19, 2012.

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