Everything is Bigger in Texas?

My latest update is that Nick got a job, but it’s going to be in Flower mound Texas.

Back story on flower mound: If you don’t know we are currently in Summerville SC. As you all should know Nick and I have known each other for years. Before he lived here he lived in Flower mound with his parents. I moved him here to be with me.

The back story on the job: Him and his Father have run an ammunition business for the last 20 years or so selling at all the big gun shows in the mid-west. Nick stopped working with his Father several years ago after a minor argument. Though, since being with me him and his Father have grown much closer. It’s also his business just as much as it’s his Father’s.

Now his Father has decided that he wants to start a retail store, and wants Nick to come and help him. They will be selling reloaded ammo along with what they normally sell.


At first, Nick wasn’t truly sure if he wanted to go, but he hasn’t been able to find solid work here. We talked about it for a while, and our plan of action is going to be that he is going to leave at the top of October. I will be staying here until April so that I can wrap up our ties and debts here. During this time we are hoping that he can get an apartment. Though, we are obviously going to have to play it by ear. I may also end up going up there earlier then April if I can finish everything up here before then.

Though, another reason we are waiting is so that I can have enough time to transfer to one of my company stores that are located within 30 minutes of where we will be living. I’m not sure if everything is going to happen as we are hoping though I’m not worried. Me and Nick have been together for the last two years, and we spent years before that talking online. I don’t foresee our relationship failing.

Dallas at night

Before I leave:

I need to make sure that my mom will be okay on her own.

I want to find someone that is established in the community that would be up to the challenge of not just leading it but owning it.

I need personal insurance because of my health issues.

We need a place to live there… even though we can live with his parents I can’t bring my cats there, because his mother is allergic. So even though, we have a plan we do have a lot up in the air.

I have to pay up any debts that we have here.

If I can’t bring my pets I have to find them a good home.

Though, the most important thing about this adventure is that I will be on my own for the next six months. Which since being married simply isn’t something that I have done… So it’s going to be a learning experience for me. Something that I hope really helps me grow more to be a better partner for Nick. So that I can stand strongly beside him, and not have to lean on him.


~ by Snow on September 17, 2012.

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