Inner Conflict

In trying to make people understand where I have come from, and where I am coming from it seems that it has been construed as drama. Even made fun of… very well I have learn that you win some and you lose some. Does it hurt me? Yeah, cause I don’t want people to see it as drama. I want them to see me…

Though, all I hope and pray is that someone that read it gained something from it. That… someone got me, and understood what I meant. I know that I can be a little off the wall, and hard to understand at times. Though, believe me it’s easier for me to write it then it is for me to tell it to your face. At least then I have the ability to back space and cut things out that shouldn’t be said.

Something that I gained from my parents is my anger problems. When I’m mad I literally see red… and when that happens I virtually can not control what I may say or do. That’s why if I’m pissed I will walk the fuck away from a situation. If you follow and corner me… well that’s your problem at that point not mine.


~ by Snow on September 8, 2012.

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