A new beginning with Scentsy


Recently, I decided to take a risk and join the scentsy family. Right now I’m juggling a lot on my plate with working full-time, going to school part time, and my mothers health. So as you can see I have a lot of places that money should be going to, and do not have a whole lot of time to expend. So why did I join? I have been praying to to God to help me and boy friend find our feet again. I want us to become financially stable so that we can get engaged, afford a beautiful wedding, put a down payment on a house, and then prayfully the Lord will bless us with a child.


Once, that prayer was complete after already running late for work I met an older women simply carrying a scentsy purse, and asked her about knowing a little about the product. She was kind and up front about everything, and offered me the chance to do what she is and many others are doing which is accomplish their dreams. After going home and talking to my boyfriend, friends, family, and praying we saw no reason in delaying this mission.I felt as I do now at peace in my heart that I’m may be taking something on that is a risk, but that it’s a risk worth taking.


Joining was the easiest part. All you have to do is pick your brand. Scentsy Family offers 3 different brands to sell. Scentsy Fragrance, Velata and the new brand, Grace Adele. Pick one, pick all 3. Do what you want. You can achieve anything you put your mind do. And Scentsy Family can help you reach your goals.



~ by Snow on August 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “A new beginning with Scentsy”

  1. Good luck with everything

  2. Hey I could use your insight with something please if u have the time

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