Procrastination…. and wanting to write

I am probably one of the biggest procrastinators that I know… though lately I have really really wanted to just sit down and start to write, and not just a blog a book. Which to me simply sounds crazy. Back when I was in the 8th grade I actually did write a book in long hand. The day that I completed it though it was stolen to never be seen again. Part of me is still waiting to read my book with someone else’s name on it. So after it was stolen I literally gave up that dream. Though, all of a sudden the dream is back… well maybe it never left. I think after putting a year into writing a book in long hand at that age and having it stolen just really hurt me so I think that I didn’t give up but buried it away in my heart.

So now I’m really considering it. Though, I don’t know where to start… should I try to re-write the book that I began so long ago? Should I write about something I know? Tell a story? Should it be a novel? Should it be erotic? Maybe religious? Or about BDSM? There is sooo many topics that I could do though where I should start is something that I haven’t the faintest idea about it….

After I lost that book I did keep writing erotic stories for a time. Maybe… just maybe I should start there again.


~ by Snow on August 1, 2012.

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