So I went to my appointment today, and after reviewing my medical record the specialist decided that in looking at my records that plus my age that we should simply try to get pregnant. If after a year of trying nothing occurs then he will start doing tests. Though, he is pretty confident that I am not broken, and that I should be able to get pregnant without medical intervention.

I will be a high risk pregnancy though I may not have to get a cerclage at all. He said that once I got pregnant they would use an ultra sound to monitor the length of my cervix, and as long as it stays normal which he believes that it will I won’t need a cerclage at all. We also discussed my chances of having twins again. Which is about a 5% chance or 1 in 5 that I will have twins again… which does make me nervous because twins will make my pregnancy at least 10x more high risk and complicated.

As of right now step 1.

  • He prescribed me some pre-natal vitamins saying that it’s best to start taking them six months to a year before getting pregnant so that it lowers any chance of spina bifida. The folic acid also makes your baby more alert at a younger age.
  • He would like me to moderately diet and exercise just to make getting pregnant easier on my body.
  • I should cut back on caffeine, smoking, and drinking now as well.

Step 2.

  • Will be getting off of Warfin going onto Lovenox
  • Stop taking my birth control
  • Both a month before we want to start trying. (Date to be decided)
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for 1 month
  • Then start trying

Step 3.

  • Once I get pregnant I will be going back to the high risk clinic for MUSC
  • I will be getting regular ultra sounds to check my cervix and the baby
  • I HAVE to be get off Lovenox 1-2 weeks before delivering
  • I will also need to be induced to insure the baby(s) safety.

My Thoughts:

  • I’m relieved that he doesn’t think that I’m broken.
  • Learning that + I may not have to get a cerclage at all has reduced my stress greatly.
  • I’m happy that we are taking the first steps into getting pregnant and building a life with each other.

Step 2. Will not occur until….

  • We are engaged/married
  • Are financially stable.
  • I only have 4-5 classed left to complete before getting my associates degree/ or I have completed my degree.

Once all of these things coincide then we will truly start trying to get pregnant until then we are just taking the necessary steps to prepare my body for “trying” to get pregnant. So please don’t think that we are rushing, or that we are going to be stupid about this. At this point we are just making plans for our future goals, and making preparation. Due to me being high risk we have to start making plans now, because everything has to be timed properly I can’t have an oops I’m pregnant. Due to the warfin I would properly have to terminate due to the major birth defects.


~ by Snow on July 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Trying”

  1. Don’t think that because of a birth defect you have to terminate.

  2. And both of mine had what is called a major birth defect.

  3. Shawn I’m talking no heart, no lungs, no internal orgasms at all. The baby would be dead at birth if not before kind of defects.

  4. All i can say is wow.

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