Okay, so as of late I have seen a lot of posts about people being or wanting to be polyamorous. Which is something that I define myself as so I thought I would share my key thoughts on the subject.

The first thing coming to mind would be that a lot of people practice a primary and secondary mode within their poly relationship, and this isn’t for me. I don’t consider either of my intimate or play partners to be higher or greater then the other. I care for my partners equally.

With that being said though there are various levels of love for me. Though, just because I love someone differently then you doesn’t make them better then you.

I love the story about the old Master that has a older slave and decides to get a new one. She is younger and more beautiful then the older slave so she feels jealous and begins fighting with the younger new slave instead of guiding her as she should.

So the old Master in the midst of their argument orders them naked and tell them to go sit in position outside.  The weather is piss pour as it’s raining, and windy so the girls both become cold very quickly. 

After a while the old Master comes out naked and sits facing them in the same position not saying a word till he is also cold and wet. Then he begins to explain to them that he doesn’t love either of more then the other they are all wet and cold and equal, and that is how it is going to be. 

After that day the two slaves become sisters and love their Master as they should.

After, reading that story I smiled, because that’s exactly how I see being polyamorous.

Though of those that are new to this here is my advice.

Communicate honestly with each other while trusting each other completely.

Poly isn’t about cheating if your boyfriend is running around with Sue, Jane, and Mary and isn’t talking to you about them he’s cheating not poly. Which is something that I can’t stand. It’s also the reason why poly gets such a negative light shined one it, because of people like that.

Next, if you are poly and your partner isn’t no you can’t go cheat on them. If your relationship isn’t what you want then you need to leave. Before you get into a relationship you need to tell people who you are. If you monogamous that’s fine if your poly that’s fine, but don’t lie about it.

I spent years married to someone that was a vanilla monogamous ashamed cross dressed to describe him the best. I was a pan-sexual, poly, switch and not ashamed. Though, since he lied that he was also open minded and poly and etc when we got together I married him before we never got to that stage. When he did he treated me like a freak, and in his mind that is what I was.

Vanilla/Kinky don’t mix

Poly/Mono don’t mix

P.S. So before you go through a world of heart ache learn to communicate who you are and what you want in a relationship, and for the love of everything don’t rush in.

Que song playing in head: Only fools rush in


~ by Snow on June 30, 2012.

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