“WE” Quit

More like we quit

So yesterday evening after I picked up Arokh from work after we hadn’t had any sales for over two hours. “This is pretty normal since we are in sales my boss doesn’t like to pay for two people to literally be sitting there.” Well…my boss calls him up roughly an hour and a half later screaming and cussing at him loud enough that I could hear it with the phone face down on the table. If you know me you know that this did not go well. Apparently we left with a little over 400.00 in overall sales. Well 2 hours later pretty much the employee we had left to finish up for the night was at 600…. Since the goal for the day was suppose to be 2000 that wasn’t much at a little after six pm when we close at 9pm.

So I really wasn’t impressed. Though our boss continued to flip out. Screaming that we had to be there now or we were going to be replaced…. “by who you haven’t gotten hardly anyone that wasn’t a druggie to even want to fill out an application there. Especially in the hot summer heat.” So any way we decided to go up there and work an entire 2.5 hours of work where neither of us really got any sales worth us driving back up there.

So I sent my boss a lengthy message pretty much detailing out that we were quitting. I wasn’t going to come back after last night, and Arokh was going to work till Tuesday to assure the both was covered for memorial day. So my boss decides that he is going to call and go that’s fine just leave your keys, and let Arokh know that Kenneth the retard we had working for us was now in charge and that it was up to him if he wanted Nick to come in.

Okay mind you the whole argument was that supposedly now that it’s summer 2 people were suppose to be at the kiosk on Saturdays and Holidays at all times. Memorial day last year they supposedly made 3k a number I haven’t seen in sales since I started working there in January… So you want Kenneth to tell Nick yes you can come in? HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah you can go fuck yourself. “We don’t do power plays we are better at them then you.” We took all the locks to the kiosk, the fan, heater, crates, Walmart bags, our stuff, and left all of the money that we had been keeping in our safe that we personally bought there and left after it was all counted and signed. Taking it out of our hands and into Kenneth’s who can barely count 200 let alone a couple grand worth of cash.

So as of now I am back to working one job. A job that I love and enjoy in the A/C sitting in front of the kiosk that I get to watch die and get flushed down the toilet, because of our bosses poor management skills.

Karma is a mean Mistress, and I’m glad that she’s on my side. 


~ by Snow on May 27, 2012.

2 Responses to ““WE” Quit”

  1. Well played!

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