My Master’s name literally translates into Angel which means messenger of God.

His wings around me. 

So when I’m feeling sad and blue I cuddle into my Masters arms and swear I feel  not only his arms, but his wings wrap around me in a protective loving way. I feel them tickle the back of my neck as I sink into his arms. I feel him taking all the negative energy from me and grounding it. I can’t feel the chaotic emotions of the world when I’m in his arms. I only feel the love he has for me and a sense of calm and peace when I am with him.

Those, that say he is dangerous I will agree. He is dangerous to anyone that harms me including himself. Those that say he is a danger to me are blind and ignorant.  I pray for the man or women that touches a hair on my head, because hell would be a nice place to send them to if I Master gets hold of them.

I know people will think that I’m totally nuts, but when I say he is my guardian angel, or my gift from God I do honestly believe this.


~ by Snow on May 26, 2012.

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