The flow of time

Ever feel like your sitting at the bottom of an hour glass that is quickly filling up with no hope of someone turning it over and starting over?

As of right now I am working not 1 but 2 jobs.  Two months ago I was clocking almost 60 hours a week now… Whereas now I’m clocking between 25-37 hours at the uniform outlet, and between 15-25 at the kiosk.  So some weeks is less then before, and some slightly more then before.

If I hadn’t put myself on call for this weekend because of my paper I would have around 60-65 hours between the two jobs. Which for me is a scary thought.

Then, with school I have a paper due Monday that I would be just about done with expect for one tiny problem my internet decided to crap out for like 3 days on me. Which killed my time organized plan of having it totally done right now, and just be checking for spelling and format errors.

Of, course I also have my best friend being selfish self blowing up my phone with text messages every 2 minutes. So I had to spend 2 hours last night downloading apps to figure out which one I could use to change her text message tone to vibrate or silent. Which I’m happy that I was successful at doing. So now she can’t bother me, and try to get a reaction out of me.

So right now I’m waiting for my ADD medicine to kick in so that I can get into the ebb and flow of writing. So this is what I tend to do to help clear my mind and relax, because I crack down on writing.


~ by Snow on May 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “The flow of time”

  1. I hope your paper goes well

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