Letting go of poision

I want to say she doesn’t matter to me. I want to say her poision filled words haven’t affected me. Though, I don’t like to lie to myself let alone others. I would like to believe that we have found the other side of the rabbit hole and everything will be over. Though this one knows her far to well. Her poison filled words echoing through my mind fill me with pain and sorrow. Making me tired, my head ache, and just feel beaten down.

The bridge we used to run and play on has been crumpling beneath her for something cracks etching deep into it as it creeks beneath our feet. She calls me friendless and broken, and I cry not because it’s true of me but of her.  She can’t see the truth through the rose colored glasses that have been burned into her eyes by another.

The truth this one speaks is mere words to her now, and I’m tired of speaking them. For them  to be simply dashes away like throwing sand into a raging fire it simply will not do any good at this point.

She says she fought for me to be her friend, but all I see is lies spun into a beautiful web. That she went through hell to stand behind me, but all I see is her drowning behind me refusing the line of life I have been throwing to her all this time.

My mind knows the time is coming to let go and move on. Though this ones heart aches and  soul cry’s for her. Trying to fix someone is wrong… and I can’t stand behind the person she has become anymore.

Letting go and praying she returns is no longer an option. This one needs to stand on her own feet and simply let her lay in the bed that she has made herself. No matter how hard it may be.


~ by Snow on May 25, 2012.

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