Stepping stones

So I emailed my boss the other day informing him that I have accepted a possition in a different company, but that I would continue to work limited hours to allow him time to train someone else.

Actual Email I sent:

I would like to inform you that recently I was offered a position with another company. After giving it much thought I have decided that it would be in my best interest to accept this position. In taking this position I have decided to step down as store manager starting Monday 5-14-2012. Though, I’m not going to just leave you up in the air. I have all intentions of working both jobs till the school term begins again. (Possibly longer if need) That should give you ample time to bring in more people, and for me to help you train them.  My schedule will be slightly limited though I will be able to work a few week days in the morning or afternoon depending on my scheduling with my new job. Also, I will be available to work Friday evenings from 5-9 and will be available all day Saturday and Sunday.

If the need is there I will continue working as “acting” store manager sending in the weekly time log, and inventory and such until whomever you choose is trained enough to do so.

I personally believe that the new job that I have been offered and have accepted as assistant manager of a uniform store will bring down my stress levels a lot, and in doing so will improve my overall health and happiness. Let alone the fact that Nick really doesn’t like me working there after learning some of the work ethics of my boss aren’t all that legal.


~ by Snow on May 7, 2012.

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