In the Fast lane

So it might come as a shock to hear that I am 23 years old and have never owned my own car. Even when I with my x husband all the cars that he bought during the time we were married “which I can count at least 10 off the top of my head meaning there was a lot more” never belonged to me. Though he allowed me to drive them on occasion.

My dad has talked about getting me a car on several occasions though really just never had the money or time to do so. Though, after I left my x husband and took literally nothing with me he became more determined to get me my own car.

Part of this was because he doesn’t like when he wants me to come over and I can’t, because I don’t have a way there. The other part because he bought most of my sister a car and they all wrecked them, or just made it like he was suppose to get them a car.

I really never cared that he didn’t get me a car. I was upset that it took so long for them to teach me to drive and get my license, but I didn’t expect them to just hand me a car like my sisters did.

Though, I was told that I was spoiled and got everything I never really saw it that way. Yes I got the newest game system every year till I was like 15, but I got Walmart and thrift store clothes year around. Up until I got an ADIAS hoodie I never owned anything that cost more then 20.00. I rare got jewelry and if I did it wasn’t real.

My sisters where at least 60% name brand clothing, had beautiful jewelry, purses, and all got cars when they were like 16-18. I never got any of that so like I said I don’t see myself as spoiled.

When I was married I didn’t get anything… I had to beg just to get new panties and socks let alone something nice.

So a little over a year after leaving my husband I have

  • Beautiful clothes
  • New Shoes
  • New Panties & Sexy Panties
  • New Bras
  • My nipples pierced.
  • I’ve been in college almost a year
  • I’m an acting manager for my company
  • I’m up for promotion for store manager with a raise
  • I finally have my own car.

So I feel that I am very much in the fast lane on getting my life all together.


~ by Snow on April 20, 2012.

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