Taking out the trash

Everyone says they want to go on a diet or they want to exercise. Well I don’t just “WANT” to go on a diet I want to change my eating and daily lifestyle habits all together. I really don’t even want to call it a diet… Though, the problem that I’m having is that their are 2 million diets out there, and lots that really aren’t that healthy for you. I don’t want to have to try a zillion things and end up in the hospital. I take blood thinners so it’s important that I have a healthy diet and that I stay on top of my health.

With the research that I have done I found lots of stuff on detoxing your body and going all raw veggies lately, but I don’t want to do that. I truly believe that God put animals here for us to use as a food source along with clothes and other things that we need. I don’t believe that he just wanted us to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. Though,  on the flip side I do believe that we aren’t suppose to only eat meats as well. Part of me wishes I could go live on a farm grow all my own foods, and kill only the animals that I need to eat. Then, of course any animal that I did need to kill I would try my best to use everything that I could. “Yes I’m probably insane.”

I think there is a healthy balance of all food out there somewhere I just need to find it. I know that I want to drop a lot of the process foods that we buy. I want to make more things from scratch. Though, this has to be done over time as we can balance our food needs to our budget. Organic and healthy foods seems to cost a great deal more money then the processed foods that aren’t very good for you.

Which to me doesn’t seem very fair. I think that the foods that hurt us and are unhealthy should be more expensive and taxed.  The government puts taxes on alcohol and cigarettes because they give us cancer and are addictive. Though is junk food any less harmful really? Though it’s 1/4 of the price of healthy food.  Seriously I can buy a box of twinkys for 1.00 but a bag of orange cost $4 if not more….

I also want to find things that I can drink that are healthy for you besides just water. I don’t mind water I love it though it gets boring after a while. Soda is horrible for you, sweet tea is bad for you, and all the fruit drinks at Walmart have added sugar and other crap to them. Soo I’m simply at a loss….

I want to go back in time to when I was a child and be truly “taught” how to eat correctly, because I know I surely wasn’t taught anything in that field at all.


~ by Snow on April 2, 2012.

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