Shitty Day all around

People at work have just been cheap scapes that they think they can barter the price of “EVERYTHING” down to freaking $5.00 which there of course is nothing at my kiosk for $5.00 and I’m not going to sell you an Otter Box for $10.00 no matter how much you bitch and moan about it.

Or they have no idea what they have or they are going to fight with me over what phones they have like I have no idea, and I’m simply just going to lie them.


Then on the home front I have just felt totally ignored today. Nick pretty much has wanted nothing to do with me. Which I guess I can’t blame him since I’ve been up his ass 24/7 recently, and he had to work a bunch with me having to go to the hospital last week. Though, today he’s simply just been cold and distant.


~ by Snow on March 29, 2012.

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