Have you ever reached the point in a book where you have to just take a pause? Not because you are bored… not even because you simply don’t want to finish it. You just feel like you need to pause and contemplate on what the book has taught you so far. Well that is the point that I reached two days ago in Green Magic.

Yesterday, I started reading Christian Wicca The Trinitarian Tradition by Nancy Chandler Pittman. Which is taking me on twists and turns and really making me think about what I believe in and why?

In this book she tells the story about the history of Christianity, Wicca, Jewish, and a lot of the old traditions. She compares and contrasts many religions side by side, and simply just makes a lot of sense while making you really question your religion in the same breathe.

She tells the story about the forgotten Christian Goddess. Showing places in the Bible where she is vaguely mentioned. Then showing where she is mentioned in more in depth in other religious books such as the Gnostic scrolls, and the Torah.

I am enjoying the twists and turns while I journey through this book and the deep provoking thought that she book unfurls in me as I find myself not wanting to put in down and reading pages over and over again just to understand and soak in the information that is there.


~ by Snow on March 20, 2012.

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