So I finished reading the non-ritual area of Christian Wicca and I absolutely loved the book. Though, I will talk more in detail about it later. I will be reading through the book of light area as I can though that section is mainly rituals and spells. Though Christian Wicca like a lot of  the other books that I have been reading has lead me to even more books. One of those books is Aprocrypha by Mathew A. Misbach.

Product Description

This book has been specifically formated for the Amazon Kindle reader.
We did our best to take advantage of all the features of the kindle to maximize your reading experience with this book.

This book contains the following apocryphal books:
The First Book of Esdras
The Second Book of Esdras
The Book of Tobit
The Book of Judith
The rest of the chapters of the Book of Esther
The Book of the Wisdom of Solomon
The Wisdom of Jesus the son of Sirach, or Ecclesiasticus
The Book of Baruch
Epistle of Jeremy
The Song of the Three Children
The History of Susanna
Bel and the Dragon
The Prayer of Manasses
The First Book of the Maccabees
The Second Book of the Maccabees

The word Apocrypha comes from a Greek word meaning “those having been hidden away”.

Apocrypha generally means those sacred books of the Jewish people which were not included in the Hebrew canonized Bible.

These books are valuable as forming a link connecting the Old and New Testaments, and are regarded as useful reading, although not all the books are of equal value.

The apocryphal books in this Kindle book are considered of “special value” and are mostly correct, but with many interpolations by man.

The Roman Church regards as part of the canon the books of Tobit, Judith, Wisd., Ecclus., Baruch, 1 and 2 Macc., and the additions to Daniel and Esther. Besides these books, there are other Jewish apocryphal writings. The chief are the Psalms of Solomon, the Book of Enoch, the apocalypse of Baruch, the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Assumption of Moses, the Book of Jubilees, and the Sibylline Oracles

So as you can see this book is composed of books and chapters of books that are missing or have been simply left out of the Bible for whatever reason. I’m really interested to see what this book has to offer, and what I have been missing out on.

~ by Snow on March 20, 2012.

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