My Day

Been slammed all day at work. HOSA was here today for something or other, and they all seemed to have never ending pockets which isn’t a bad thing expect that I was working alone.

Arokh was suppose to come in at two but he twisted his ankle, scrapped up his hand and knee, and the starter in the truck went out. So thankfully it went out at the Walmart next to Tanger, because he had to walk here from the Walmart which isn’t horribly too far. He gave me an hour break till my Dad got here to take him to OReily’s to buy a new starter.

So far he has tested and removed the old starter and is on the way with my dad to OReily’s to buy a new starter. Once, he has that he will be coming back and putting it back into the vehicle.

Though in all honesty I’m not as worried about it as I normally would be. I think meditating and staying on my path are really helping me to stay focused. I believe that it is also helping me not to over react and to stay calm now.

Normally I would be freaking out that it’s not the starter and that we won’t be able to get the truck running, and a million other negative thoughts would be going through my head. Though, right now they aren’t there, and that is a very powerfully calming feeling for me.


~ by Snow on March 9, 2012.

One Response to “My Day”

  1. Hey hun how are you doing im sry things are kinda rough, it seems like you are doing well though from ur blog. Just wanted to say hi…

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