Path of the Christian Witch

I am currently re-reading the Path of The Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair. The first time I read this book I was so caught up in the fact that there was someone else like me out there. I was amazed that she took the Christian faith and mixed it with Wiccan. It was a very overwhelming feeling to know that I cried with her, re joyed with her, and learned as she learned through this book.

Reading, her book made me what to go on my own journey. So since, Samhain I have been on a year and a day path to learn who I am, and what I truly believe. Since, then I have really have learned a lot about myself. I’m not interested in dogma or church politics.  I want to simply be a child following Christ as her teacher. My path is that  of a faith full of love, magic, simplicity, and nonviolence.

I have found the new to want to seek out a church, but I know that I don’t think that I would fit in very well.

This time reading the book though I am finding the keys to look deeper into my path.  I have ordered a few books that I can’t wait to arrive, and I’m find other ways to read some of the other more expensive books.

I am hoping that I  can continue to use this book as a stepping stone when I find that I do not know where to go, or what to do any more.


~ by Snow on March 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Path of the Christian Witch”

  1. Have you tried looking for a non-denominational group? I use to attend an UU Church were I met many Christians and Muslims who mingled with Pagans. We had quarterly circles and wonderful philosophy of religion discussions. I miss them 😦

    • I live in the Bible Belt I don’t think there are any here. They have non-denominational churches, but they still wouldn’t accept what my religious beliefs are if I told them.

  2. Hey from my new home (and new name) here at WordPress. 🙂 I was curious, what books have you ordered? Will you be posting their titles here? 😀 Always up for new reading material!

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