n the new moon I filled out an abundance check for my boyfriend. I put that he find a new an exciting career. Right, before that though I started working a job. Though, sales is not in my career field pro say I took the job. He hasn’t started a job as of yet. The staffing company that he works through has a job set up for him, but when he is suppose to start working has been continuelly falling through, and I’m starting to wonder if that is a sign.

Lately, though since filling out that abundance check for him my career seems to be yielding more and more responsibilities my way.  This booth is mine. I will be interviewing and training now anyone that wishes to work here now. As I said before I have already been promoted to full-time with a raise, and next I will start receiving bonuses for my sales profits.

Yesterday, my boss brought up that we are going to be opening up early and closing down later come spring. So I need to hire someone else to work with me, and he brought up possibly hiring on my boyfriend. So I talked to him about it and he might just start working with me soon. So he might start receiving his abundance check quite soon while I have been reaping in what I believe to be the good karma and blessing for filling it out for him and not myself.

Though, gaining more responsibilities means less and less play time for the things that I enjoy. I am enjoying the fact that I am working, and that I’m not only working but my company needs me. It is quite an over powering feeling of accomplishment to have come this far in a little over four weeks. If you didn’t know I haven’t had a job since the beginning of April of 2010 so to have started this job in January of 2011 after nine months of unemployed where I have been concentrating on my school is quite an accomplish for me.


~ by Snow on February 16, 2012.

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