Need help with my paper!!!!

Okay I want some intelligent opinions to help me with my paper. I just got the grades back for my rough draft which was simply the title paper, reference page, outline, and thesis.

This is my thesis: What are the ethical and morals values of physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia in the medical community? Do doctors and physicians see it as a violation of the Hippocratic Oath that they took to allow a terminally ill patient that has no chance of survival to suffer unnecessarily, or do they see physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia as a violation of the Hippocratic Oath to help them accelerate the time they have left?

This is what the teacher said: Based on your outline, it seems the current approach is more of a report on Euthanasia and PAS, since it covers a wide range of argumentspertaining to euthanasia and PAS. Although you included an outline, it was not an outline of the debate, but rather a general outline of the topic. This is an analytical paper, so I suggest you narrow the focus and provide compelling arguments for both sides of the debate. For example, you might want to consider changing your topic to focus on whether or not euthanasia or PAS should be legal. Then you would present the most credible arguments in favor of legalizing euthanasia or PAS as well as the most credible arguments against PAS or euthanasia. Your thesis statement needs to be clear and concise. Please check out the following site for more information on creating a thesis statementĀ

My argument is based on the ethics of it within the medical field. So is she saying that is too broad of a topic, and that I should narrow it down even more? Do you think she is just being too picky? Say anything you think it will really really help me.


~ by Snow on February 7, 2012.

8 Responses to “Need help with my paper!!!!”

  1. It sounds to me like she is saying what was presented were legal, rather than ethical, arguments. Here is an example of some of the ethical arguments on the subject: Note that ethical arguments often go above and beyond the one subject itself – for yours, focusing on the Hippocratic Oath makes it more like a legal argument instead. I hope that helps!

  2. The title or thesis statement seems to have two different approach levels in it.

    a) “What are the ethical and morals values of physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia in the medical community?” ~~ This allows for a broad coverage in a more descriptive manner. (which is what her criticism seems to point at)

    b) Do doctors and physicians see it as … , or … ~~ This is a more argumentative stance, which would allow you to come to a sharper analysis, with the pro and con arguments and your own conclusion.

    On a related note, I read this a while back and left me with some interesting life moments to ponder about:

    You’re doing well!

  3. My name in the reply pointed to the wrong url … oops (fixed on this one)

  4. Well having a brother who is a Dr and deals with death all the time in the operating room, he says it happens all the time. They make decisions all the time with patients. Most Oncologists will take a human look at whether it is best to allow some one to die with dignity when there is no more help or quality of life, he says.

  5. Is this your first paper? Your grade will always be higher if you write to what the instructor wants to read. I found that limiting your paper to just a few small points and not being broad is the best way to go. That are what abstracts are for, your masters thesis.

  6. I would stick to one narrow point like is it a moral or ethical problem. I have never read the hypocritical oath but I think it says to give aid and comfort to your patient. Is comfort also allowing someone to die if there is no chance for recovery? I would think that ethically they have a responsibility to assist people in need even if it is suicide. But do they see it as morally correct, as Dr’s usually believe they are above the law because they are the ones who know best.

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