Hands and Hearts

Luke 14:25-33

No servant can serve two masters. Luke 16:13

A recent survey revealed that 76 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christian. Although this is lower than previous years, it still means more than three-quarters of the United States’ population claim the name Christian. While these may be impressive numbers, Jesus told His followers that simply calling Him “Lord” is not enough to please God. Our lives must reflect an immediate and consistent obedience to our Adonai.

Anything less belies our claims to be His followers. Rather than choosing outright disobedience, some of us delay our obedience. We obey at our convenience, or according to our own plans or circumstances. Nevertheless, delayed obedience is still not obedience. Our delays essentially tell God we know better than He does. Another way we defy Adonai’s lordship is to obey Him for the wrong reasons. Pursuing good works to fulfill our own agendas results in right actions done for self-serving motives. Are we truly devoted to the One we call “Lord”? If so, we will do what He says, both with our hands … and with our hearts. Adonai, I commit myself to complete obedience to You in my actions and my motivation. What commands of Adonai have I neglected to obey? How will I obey Him today?

References: Ava Pennington. One Year Alone with God: 366 Devotions on the Names of God (p. 30). Kindle Edition.

What commands of Adonai have I neglected to obey? How will I obey Him today?

I’m not sure exactly how many times that I have heard that I’m straddling the fence, or have one foot in heaven and one in hell. I have been told this time and time again by my parents who I really don’t see as the best Christian examples. Though, back to the question the one thing I do neglect and I want to get back into is going to church. I want to be part of a church again, but that requires me to find one that I can stand. I don’t like dogma and politics.



~ by Snow on February 2, 2012.

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