I have lived my life with this condition my entire life. When I was a small child I was diagnosed with ADHD. Since, then I think I have grown out of the H. I’m pretty much just ADD now though I haven’t had a doctor tell me that. Life for me in general has been a challenge. I came off my meds from the sixth grade up through high school and beyond.   I have recently re-started my meds due to being in college. I have found they help me concentrate a lot better, but it’s still a struggle for me. I can read a book I like without worry of the outside world. Though, reading something boring like a school book every sound, cough, laugh, noise, and etc breaks my attention.

Ear plugs don’t work, because then it’s simply too quiet and my brain starts thinking about everything under the sun. The only thing I have found that does work is putting on some ambient type music that is a constant tempo to drowned out the world. Though, that doesn’t help when shiny things, movement, and etc also catch my attention breaking my concentration.

I don’t do well in study groups. Doing school work in McDonalds, a library, and etc just about kills me. The only way I can do it is to drug myself and literally try and ignore everything around me. Which doesn’t always work. So it’s not something that a lot of people understand. I couldn’t sit in the middle of the mall and read my school books like I’ve seen other college kids do. I would just end up with a pounding head ache, upset, and less work done then I started with.


~ by Snow on January 25, 2012.

4 Responses to “ADD/ADHD”

  1. I can relate, though I was not diagnosed until age 40.

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